Linking to Team Building Derbyshire

Of course a text anchor, linking back to our home page, is perfectly straightforward, and often (depending on context) the only appropriate method. But if you would like to use an image, we have prepared some that you might find useful …

Choose the image best suited to your web page; select all the HTML in the relevant textarea, copy it, and then paste it into your web page. If you would prefer to hold the image in your own web space then please do so, and amend the link’s href attribute as necessary.

Large Logo (202×72)… Team Building Derbyshire Logo - Large

Medium Logo (155×56)… Team Building Derbyshire Logo - Medium

Small Logo (114×40)… Team Building Derbyshire Logo - Small

Large Screen (200×130)… graph_teambuildingderbyshire.large

Small Screen (140×90)… Team Building Derbyshire Screen - Small