Terms & Conditions

The parties referred to in this agreement for interpretation purposes are:

  • Team Building Derbyshire” – Team Building Derbyshire is trading style of Unique Solutions Ltd, 2 Mount Pleasant, Scarthin, Cromford, Derbyshire. DE4 3QF. “We“, “Us” and “Our” mean “Team building Derbyshire“.
  • You” or “Your” – means the person (including any individual, partnership, company, incorporated association or unincorporated association) to whom Team Building Derbyshire agrees to provide The Service.
  • Event” – The activities requested by You which are confirmed in the Booking Confirmation we send You.
  • The Service” means the provision by Team Building Derbyshire of various activities and events and associated services.
  • Contract” – The agreement between Team Building Derbyshire and You for The Service as detailed in our Booking Confirmation.
  • Contract Price” – means the total price excluding VAT that You pay Us for The Service.
  • Event Date” – means the date(s) for which You wish to book The Service.
  • Website” refers to www.teambuildingderbyshire.co.uk.
  • In Writing” – includes correspondence by letter or email.

Team Building Derbyshire reserve the right to withdraw or change these Terms and Conditions prior to issuing a Booking Confirmation. The Terms and Conditions are accepted by You to the exclusion of any previous Terms and Conditions.

1. Supply of Service
1.1 We will provide The Service to You in accordance with these terms and conditions which shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Contract.
1.2 We are not willing to contract other than on these terms and conditions. No variation on these terms and conditions shall be effective unless it is In Writing and signed by an authorised signatory of Team Building Derbyshire.
1.3 We may in exceptional circumstances, without notifying You, make changes to The Service due to conditions beyond our control or which are necessary to comply with applicable safety but do not materially affect the nature or quality of The Service. We will notify You of these changes as soon as possible.
1.4 You will provide Team Building Derbyshire with sufficient and accurate information in time for Us to provide The Service in accordance with the Contract. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided.
1.5 All services are subject to availability prior to Contract being agreed.

2. The Contract and Payment
2.1 The Contact Price will be our quoted price on the Team Building Derbyshire Website unless the Event runs outside of Derbyshire. We reserve the right to charge travel @ 50p / mile beyond the Derbyshire Borders if the Event runs outside of Derbyshire. All prices are in pounds sterling and are exclusive of VAT. Unless stated in the Contract, the price does not include any additional items such as venue costs, room hire, food, refreshments, Your travel costs, parking charges or any other items which are not specifically referred to.
2.2 You will confirm In Writing which Service You want Team Building Derbyshire to supply. We will then send You a booking confirmation and an invoice for 50% of the contact price plus VAT. This 50% represents Your Booking Deposit. We only accept Your booking as confirmed on receipt of a Booking Deposit in cleared funds. Until we receive such monies, we shall be free to offer the Event Date and or services to other interested parties.
2.3 The remaining 50% of the Contract Price plus VAT, which represents the balance, is payable 14 days before the Event Date.
2.4 Team Building Derbyshire accepts payment by cheques made out to “Team Building Derbyshire” or by BAC’s. We will provide our bank details on request.
2.5 If for any reason You cancel the booking within 28 days of the Event Date, You will forfeit Your Booking Deposit. Cancellation within 14 days shall be invoiced at the full Contract Price.
2.6 Should the number of delegates drop between Us receiving Your Booking Deposit and the Event Date, You will liable to pay the full contact price in full. If before the Event Date You notify Us that the number of delegates is to increase from the original number contracted, and this results in Us having to increase our Service, we reserve the right to increase the Contract Price to reflect the increased cost of providing The Service.
2.7 If payment of the balance is delayed beyond the date specified in 2.3, You will be required to pay interest upon the amount outstanding (both before and after any judgement) on a daily basis at a rate of 3% above the base rate of the Bank of England from time to time in force from the date that payment is due until the date that payment is received. In addition You will be liable for any costs incurred by or on behalf of Us in recovering any overdue payment from You.
2.8 Any cheques not cleared on presentation will be subject to a charge of £20.00 on the first and each subsequent occasion.
2.9 If Team Building Derbyshire has to cancel the Event Date through a fault on Our part, we shall refund the Booking Deposit in full if we are unable to offer You a suitable alternative Event Date. Otherwise, we will carry forward Your Booking Deposit to the alternative Event date that we have booked for You.