Boomwhacker Workshop

Boomwhackers are brightly coloured tubes that are tuned to musical notes. They are easy to use and lots of fun. Boomwhackers make fantastic instruments combining percussion, rhythm, music and movement.

With them, we can create a melody, find a rhythm and cultivate an ear to hear things in a different way. Somewhere in sound between a muted xylophone and a marimba, they are subtle, versatile, colourful and exciting.

Our workshop leader, Adele Thompson has without doubt the most energy of anyone we have ever met! She studied at Cambridge University and London Contemporary Dance School and works as an independent dancer, choreographer, stilt-walker and teacher. Adele was an early member of the STOMP percussion troupe. From previous experience, we know that Adele’s sessions are often a talking point for weeks afterwards.

Boomwhackers: Make some noise! Boomwhackers: Large group Boomwhackers: Everybody ready

Session duration Up to 1.5 hours
Group size From 8 upwards
Additional information This is a noisy lively activity so needs to take place where no-one else is disturbed!
Suitable for
  • Indoor team building
  • Corporate team building activity
  • Conference activity
  • Conference energiser
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.