SDI Team Day

A day which focuses on the Strength Deployment Inventory ® (SDI ® ) and uses team exercises to illustrate it practically.

Strength Development Inventory® The Strength Development Inventory ® helps people identify their personal strengths when everything is going well and how these might change when faced with conflict.

The SDI ® is ‘not a test‘; there are no right or wrong answers. It aims to provide information that individuals can use to improve their relationship with others.

An SDI ® accredited facilitator will lead your team through an enjoyable interactive day so you come away understanding what makes you and your team members “tick”.

The day will include a mix of theory, discussions and team activities.

SDI Team Building Day: It should look like this! SDI Team Building Day: Teamwork ... and balance! SDI Team Building Day: There's always a queue involved somewhere!

Example Programme:

Arrive for 9am Welcome and introductions
Setting the scene and objectives for the day
9.20am Exercise in teams to examine the nature of teamwork, motivation and recognition
9.50am SDI ® introduction and completion
Participants complete the SDI ® individually
10.20am Tea and coffee break
10.30am SDI ® theory
11.30am Team exercise/task – self and group awareness exercise to identify Motivational Value Systems and Value Related Styles
12.15pm Lunch
1pm Conflict Resolution
SDI ® conflict triggers and styles
– Theory explained
– Personal positions plotted
– Implications for team working and/or team leadership
2pm Conflict Resolution Strategies
– Early warning signs
– Conflict sequences
– Most productive behaviours
– Least productive behaviours
Group work on strategies for productive conflict resolution with each value system
2.40pm Break
3pm Outdoor Team Exercise – self and group awareness exercise
4.15pm Review of the Day
Review Dynamic Triangle
4.45pm Close
Group size From 6 upwards
Additional information
  • Can include an initial meeting with an SDI ® facilitator to discuss the day and clarify objectives and outcomes
  • Delegates will complete their Strength Deployment Inventory ® on the day
  • Indoor and outdoor team activities
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.