Kaizen Business Simulation

Kaizen is an incredibly simple business simulation which is all about productivity improvement. It focuses on both process and results. Teams are challenged to learn from their experience and continually improve their performance. The exercise involves touching discs in a specific order, and is structured to give a team control over the process they use to generate results. The action phase of this task is a high impact so will appeal to teams that want a physical challenge.

A facilitator leads a team review to relate learning back to the workplace.

This high-energy business game can be run indoors (in a large room) or outdoors, and really taps into teamwork and sharing the workload.

Kaizen Business Simulation: Symbols Kaizen Business Simulation: Group discussionKaizen Business Simulation: Plans on the table

Session duration From 1.5 hours
Group size Teams of 6 to 10 people
Additional information Could be combined with team problem solving tasks as part of a bigger team challenge
Suitable for
  • Outdoor team building
  • Indoor team building
  • Team problem solving
  • Leadership development
  • Continual improvement
  • Conference energiser
  • Conference activity
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.