Laser Tag Team Game

“Combat with a Difference”

An energetic team building activity which involves both strategy and skill. A Laser Tag game (aka Cyber Tag) provides the same adrenaline pumping action and excitement as paintballing but without the pain. There’s also no paint or mess, making it environmentally friendly. Team games can vary – team vs. team, or another version is the team vs. remote sentries. The guns record hits for instant scoring, immediate effects and real time action.

A fantastic fun team activity for any team building event.

Laser Tag: Retreat or attack? Laser Tag: Lying in wait Laser Tag: Guarding the green Laser Tag: Need a bigger tree! Laser Tag: Shooting through the trees

Session duration 1 to 2 hours
Group size From 8 upwards
Additional information This activity works best in an area with natural features which provide ‘cover’ for the participants.
Suitable for
  • Conference activity
  • Conference energiser
  • Inter-team competition
  • Outdoor team building
  • Fun team activity
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.