Team Problem Solving

Our most popular activity choice with teams attempting a range of Problem Solving activities. The style of the activity can be designed to be collaborative or competitive with individual activities lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We can include facilitated reviews as part of your day to reinforce themes and focus the activity. Examples of the type of activities we will include are:

  • Railtrax – the challenge is to traverse a set of railway lines. The initial solution has to be adapted as the problem changes.
  • Rollerball – a creative activity to design and build a self-supporting structure to deliver a ball from A to B.
  • Murder Mystery – a communication exercise where teams gather information then analyse it to identify the victim, the murderer and the weapon.

Team Problem Solving: Railtrax Team Problem Solving: Rollerball Team Problem Solving: Murder Mystery

Session duration 2 hours to a full day
Group size Individual teams of 6-8 people
Additional information Can be done for fun or as part of team / leadership development
Suitable for
  • Outdoor team building
  • Indoor team building
  • Leadership development
  • Inter-team competition
  • Conference energiser
  • Conference activity
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.
We often design programmes to meet specific budgets.