African Drumming

Imagine a large group of people banging enthusiastically on instruments they have probably never encountered before. It’s chaos! This is how an African Drumming workshop will typically start. At the end it will be harmony, and everyone will know where they fit in and what their contribution is to the final piece. What happens in-between is a little co-ordination and facilitation.

This is a superb team activity to get everyone working together. The overall style is light-hearted and fast moving. Drumming is the ultimate de-stressor and energiser. It’s fun and loud.

Everyone will get the opportunity to play a variety of different instruments and be part of the collective music making process.

African Drumming: Hands on! African Drumming: Demonstrating single drumAfrican Drumming: Wait for it...African Drumming: Group activity

Session duration Up to 1.5 hours
Group size From 8 upwards
Additional information This is a noisy activity so needs to take place where no-one else is disturbed!
Suitable for
  • Conference activity
  • Conference energiser
  • Indoor team building
  • Fun team activity
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.