Raft Building Activity

Raft building is classic team building activity. Using our custom-made inflatables, timber and ropes, each team designs and constructs their own raft to use on the water. Teams will have to co-ordinate effort to make their vessels perform. Consequences are very real : perceived risk is high, but actual risk is minimal. A safety kayaker or support boat will always be within easy reach of anyone on the water.

Raft building is a great activity for adventurous teams who don’t mind the prospect of potentially getting wet!

Raft Building: Pre-construction Raft Building: Afloat Raft Building: Capsize Raft Building: Still in one piece

Session duration From 1.5 hours to a full day
Group size 5 – 8 per team/raft
Additional information Could be combined with team problem solving tasks as part of a bigger team challenge.
Suitable for
  • Outdoor team building
  • Fun team activity
  • Inter-team competition
  • Team problem solving
  • Leadership development
Fees Please call 01629 690015 to discuss.